AHHJ has relocated to Palmer, Alaska! Our new facility includes a 4 stall barn, 2 large pasture turn outs, outdoor riding arena, endless trails, a 30 acre cross country course, and much more!! Come join the fun and excitement now!

Riding an Equine is as simple as knowing your ABC's:

A- attitude

B- balance

C- careful

D- details

E- energy

F- focus

G- gentle

H- harmony

I- intricate

J- jump

K- kind

L- love

M- muscle control

N- nerves

O- optimism

P- precision

Q- quiet

R- rhythm

S- smooth

T- triumph

U- unweight

V- vigilance

W- wits

X- x ray

Y- yang

Z- zain

A brief overview of owner, trainer, and competitive rider Alicia Hall.