AHHJ  relocated from our Portage Glacier Farm to "Rainbow Ranch" atop Lazy Mountain in the Matanuska Valley of Palmer.  Alicia's Rainbow Ranch consists of 40 acres: a 48'x48' three story barn includes: five matted stalls with in & out doors with windows, a well-house,  lighted outdoor 220'x150' grass-arena, adjacent to a 220'x180'  dirt-arena, and a 15 acre cross country course with different levels of obstacles such as: logs, roll-tops, water, banks, ditches, endless trails and more. 

Join the fun and excitement now by watching our E-Quest movies available on Youtube or higher quality DVD by request.

48'x48' three story barn includes:  in & out doors with windows,  well-house,  220'x150' grass-arena, adjacent to a 220'x180'  dirt-arena,